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Pourquoi utiliser Quran Progress ?

Learn without forgetting

Use the method of memorisation by spaced repetition to revise at the right moment, in order to learn without forgetting anything. Your planning is generated automatically.

Learn effectively

Learn the words that are more often repeated. That is less effort for more results.

Learn while having fun

Use the MCQ (multiple choice questions) and key entry for a fun and interactive learning and to stimulate your visual memory.

Learn while listening

The learning is supported by a professional that recites the words in order to solicit your auditory memory and improve your pronunciation.

What is Quran Progress?


Quran progress is a web application that aims at simplifying the learning of Quran vocabulary.

On one hand, this application aims at assisting the non Arabic speakers and beginners in their efforts to memorise Quran – As it’s well known that people memorise better things they understand – and on the other hand, the application seeks to improve the global understanding of the explicit meaning of Quran verses at listening or meditation.

For this reason, Quran progress is based on two essential points:

  • It uses a highly effective memorisation method, called spaced repetition, which has been demonstrated by renown scientists.
  • It maximises efficacy of learning, as i helps learn the maximum with minimum efforts (see below).

What is memorisation by spaced repetition?

It’s a very efficient learning method that is based on a simple observation:

-When we learn a word without revising it, the word will be destroyed from our memory.

-In contrary, forgetting is seldom complete, so when we learn again what we have already leant, we forget less rapidly.

– If we revise a word that we are about to forget, we will need less and less to revise it again.

The spaced repetition method will identify the words that you find difficult, and those with which you are more at ease. It will organise accordingly your learning in such way that you will revise at the right moment.

This will allow you to:

  • Have organised revisions, with the perfect timing that allows you to exert less effort for maximum results.
  • Gain time, and revise words in a proportional fashion to your difficulties.
  • Have no worries about planning your revision: Quran Progress does it for you.

How to learn as much Quran vocabulary?

Quran is composed of nearly 80’000 words. Statistical studies demonstrated that only 4000 unique words are used among them. This is explained by the fact that plenty of words are repeated throughout Quran.

For example, the word “Kitab” (book) is repeated 200 times in Quran.

Here are some statistics demonstrating this miraculous aspect:

  • If you understand the words of the surah Al-Fatiha you will understand 10% of Quran.
  • There are 125 words that are repeated more than 40’000 times. The mere learning of these words equals to nearly 50% of Quran.
  • And if you learn additional 125 words this percentage will increase to 75%.
  • There are 200 verbs that are repeated more than 18’000 times in Quran.

Additionally, who else but Allah could be more credible to prove us that Quran was made easy?

[Surah 39 Verse 23]: Allah has sent down the most beautiful among the accounts, a Book of which [certain verses] resemble each other and are oft-repeated…

[Surah 54 Verse 22]: And indeed, we have made the Quran easy for meditation. Be there anyone that will reflect?

[Surah 54 Verse 32]: We made Quran easy to understand, to serve as a reminder, and then, is there anyone that will meditate this reminder?

These verses prove us that Allah, with his mercy, has made easy the understanding of Quran.

It’s now our turn to make cause in order to understand it. Therefore, Quran Progress comes here as a tool that helps you understand these words, in an unprecedented, performing and efficient manner.

Quran progress is based on the work of Abdul Azeez  Abdurraheem for the words’ selection, and Al-Lawh team (Facebook link) for the translation of the words. They made a stunning work for the community.